Bessy's Rescue Story

When I adopted Bessy in 1993, she was a homeless, unwanted, beautiful 1 1/2-year-old calico cat in a shelter. I can still picture her looking through her cage door with a “smile” on her face, starring at me. Right then and there “that was the cat for me.”

I later found out she had been adopted twice before but returned to the shelter. Let’s say, she had some personality quirks that needed adjusting. Bessy needed bonding time and patience and I was happy to give her that, And Bessy NEVER went back to the shelter.

Bessy was my cat for 19 wonderful years. Throughout those years she became a diabetic, developed a thyroid problem, then got severe kidney failure and passed on in June of 2011.

In honor of my wonderful, loving pet, Bessy, I have created a sanctuary where all unwanted, homeless cats are wanted, loved and provided a warm, nurturing home. Bessy’s Place is dedicated to those cats that are not as fortunate as my Bessy.

In Loving Memory & Honor of Bessy the Best!

Joanne G. Mainiero, Founder Bessy’s Place


The pictures of Eclipse are of him when he was an adult and a senior cat

Well here I am again writing up sad news once again. Our Eclipse has passed on. He had cancer and other complications and his quality of life went down hill quickly, as he has gone to the rainbow bridge.

Eclipse was 17 years of age when he passed, he came to MHS in 2007 at 7 years old. It was truly a tough 6-7 months with Eclipse when he came to the shelter. I will never forget the reason why the previous owners gave him up WHY ? because the two kids in the house have grown up and went to college and the husband and wife wanted to travel away. So Eclipse was 'booted out." When he came to MHS he was so hurt, so hurt - that they left him behind and walked away. He had such a hard time adjusting to his new life. Eclipse finally after 6-7 months adjusted much better and he become the " Office Chief" The Big Cheese, The Boss, and he formed a male cat coalition at the shelter with the other lifelong residents and the female felines joined the pride. Eclipse was free roaming all throughout his life with the other lifelong residents. All of us volunteers worked with Eclipse and made him at home as much as we could and - It paid off !! However- Eclipse was a very feisty cat, and he was a "real character" for sure !!

I will always miss that "Big Boss Cattitude" but yet Eclipse would play like a kitten and purr and purr on his terms. He would roll around in the cat nip and then sleep it off. He would growl at you and then thrash your foot as you were walking away from him, as to say " hey you I am the boss" where are you going !! He was a very handsome Norwegian Forest Cat with a real amazing personality !! You could not resist Eclipse no matter what !!

Eclipse was my buddy and he was so much part of Massachusetts Humane Society for so long......

Massachusetts Humane Society wants to Thank Very Much our Shelter Veterinarian - Dr. Joanne Keith for helping Eclipse medically and being there for us and most of all "ECLIPSE".

Always Miss You My Chief Boss ECLIPSE !! :(:(
Gone But Never For Gotten !! Special !! 10-14-2017

Partnership with Petco

MHS will be at Petco in South Weymouth MA


Saturday - October 28, 2017 - 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM


We will not have cats, dogs or small animals at the store. However, you can talk with our volunteers about the animals that do need homes; and our lifelong animals we care for.

We will have a "special touch" of homemade dog cookies and handmade cat toys for your beloved pets and handmade dog & cat pillows for you to decorate your home.

Come on down and hang out with us !!

35 Pleasant Street
South Weymouth, MA 02190

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We are looking for serious Cat/Kitten Foster Care Homes. If you can help as a foster care parent while MHS looks for a loving, caring, kind and responsible homes for the Cats/kittens.
For more detail information, contact MHS - 781-335-1300 and leave a message or email :

Thanks So Much, MHS is Grateful for your caring help!

MHS is looking for DOG Foster Care Homes in the South Shore Area

MHS is looking for serious Dog Foster Care Homes If you can help the dogs as a foster care parent while MHS looks for a loving, caring, kind and responsible home for the dogs.
For more detail information, contact MHS - 781-335-1300 and leave a message or email :

Thanks So Much, MHS is Grateful for your caring help!

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